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About Vina luxury beauty salon

The Vina Beauty family has poured tremendous effort and dedication into designing a space befitting the needs of the modern woman in this fast-paced city. The feminine details, stylish features and touch of natural elements create a relaxing yet energizing oasis, with a focus on three distinguished disciplines: spa, beauty and hair.

Why we need skin and hair care services?

Your feet/hand nails, hair and skin need optimal care and kind- ness as other body parts. Hands are used by us for the majority of our routine activities and are the first things that are noticed by others especially for women. Similar is the situation with smooth and hair-free skin. Having well-maintained nails and smooth skin provides an extra boost of confidence throughout the day. A hair spa is a rejuvenating hair treatment. Whether your hair is dry or oily, breakage-prone, or damaged, a hair spa can help. It also can help treat hair fall. You may have unmanageable and damaged hair, but a hair spa can leave you with silky smooth rapunzel locks